Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jess in the Woods!!

One of my girlfriends, Jess was very sweet to allow me to photograph her. I wanted to take advantage of the snow still on the ground and capture some pictures in the woods. So here they are. I have started to upload pictures onto my Picasa Photo Album (right side) so you can see all of the pictures and not just the ones I post.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ashes to Embers

My husband is in a band called, Ashes to Embers. Getting a chance to photograph them allowed to practice while being a service to others.

Listen HERE!!!

Of course this is not the entire band performing. This is an acoustic version of my favorite song by them, Southwesterly.

Monday, February 8, 2010

And they say "more snow is on its way!"

Unless you have been living under a rock the mid-Atlantic has been hit with in ungodly amount of snow. I think I might have jinxed us by stating in one of my early post "I would not have been able to capture these snow pictures in Maryland."  The first picture I have posted is one of me while the snow is still falling. The rest are after the snow decided to stop and the sun came out to perform its daily routine of setting. So one of my goals on my "list" is to capture the country roads with all this snow. I am going to attempt to leave the residence today and find a country road to shoot. Lastly I must address the title of my blog. Yes, folks tomorrow evening (2/9/10) it is scheduled to start snowing again. I have heard many different reports but I am going with one report that is saying 6-16 inches. It also must be noted that counties north of Baltimore are suppose to see the large amount of snow fall aka where I live.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blue Eyes

This is where I am torn when it comes to editing my photography. As I was messing around with the camera I took a close up picture of my eyes. After uploading the picture onto my computer, I was immediately taken back by my pores. After this reaction I thought I needed to touch this photo up ASAP. After processing my automatic thoughts and reactions I was in a sense disappointed with myself. Was I taken back by my pores because of the media I am exposed too, therefore I can not find the beauty for its natural state? So here I am at a crossroad. I believe I have come to the conclusion that I will enjoy editing pictures but I will not try to take away from person, place or thing's true beauty....unless I am doing it with an artistic motive and not what is "acceptable."



*If you click on the images they will become larger.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The List

People/Places/Things I want to CAPTURE in 2010
  • Country Roads
  • Country Roads from the expected snow on 2/6/10
  • Arlington Cemetery
  • Young Children with a black or white backdrop
  • Rock State Park
  • Longwood Gardens
  • The progress of Spring Blooming
  • DC
  • The Beach
  • Fundraising Event
  • Baltimore's Poverty
  • Continue to Shoot events of my Hubby's band. First SHOW 2/27/10 (be there)
*This list will always be "in progress".......feel free to hold me accountable.

**Do you have ideas?? Tell Me!!! ( twitter: @mrsrocknroll08 email: sarahhardy04@gmail.com) Do you want me to take pictures of you??? Tell Me!!!**