Monday, September 6, 2010

Jessica's Bridal Shower

So where did I go? I have been here all along. So here is the game plan folks, and I hope you are willing to stay along for the ride. I have now been asked to do pictures for various people. What does this mean? I am looking to see if I can use my hobby as a little side job, and with this I must have my photos available for access to the general public. Well, it does not take a rocket scientist but Blogger is not the place for this. So, now I am going between Shutterfly and Blogger and will be linking the two sites together. Allowing you to see my massive amount of pictures for others and also the ones from my personal shooting, that I can still blog about. Make sense? I hope so! So here is my first set of pictures for a friend, at her bridal shower. Well the first few pictures are just preview, at the bottom it will take you to the entire selection of pictures.