Sunday, August 1, 2010

Ocean City

   I wanted to at least make a post once a month while in school but as you can see I missed that by a day. The good news.......I am done!!!! **HaPpY DaNcE* I have finished my my Masters in Social Work. I truly forgot about the joy of having the choice of how you spend your time when not working. My time was so wrapped up in the next deadline for a paper or exam that even for those moments I was not doing school work, in class or working that I did not truly enjoy those simple moments. So here I am loving the joys of life again, I just hope I don't forget the preciousness of it.
  So on to the topic of "My Adventure in Photography." The Thursday before Memorial day weekend (for some Thursday is the start of that weekend) I get a text from my friend Leigh, asking if my husband and I would like to join them on a trip down to Ocean City. As you can see we made that trip. Those pictured below are Leigh and her soon to be hubby, Dave.
  One more thing, I am realizing, that I sometimes over-edit my pictures causing the colors to be too bright. I thought about re-editing them and re-posting some of those pictures. Then I thought, this would not be a blog about my progress in photography, so I will embrace my flaws! My father has talked to me about some tools I can get to make sure my colors our adjusted correctly on the computer screen, I just have yet to invest. Yes, I am blaming my flaws on the computer. As humans we must rationalize! ;)