Tuesday, November 2, 2010

On to the use of Photoshop.

       So none of these pictures are fairly new as in recently taken but rather they have been neglected for show-n-tell. At the end of the entry is my first picture successfully using photoshop. Take your time and scroll through my neglected photos.

The first set of pictures are significant to me because I had to leave the shutter open allowing me to capture the fire in the way it appears in the photo. Keeping the shutter open leaves room for much blur/error. So for these pictures I had to set the camera on the tripod, set the self timer (just pushing the button causes a blur in the picture) and hope the cat did not move.

Well this picture is just plain cute, brother and sister or a.k.a Ozzy and Sharon.

This picture has been cross-processed. I obsessed with this affect, and will be probably overuse it. I also added a slight fading black frame around it.

FINALLY, I successfully used photoshop. When I had this desire to do photography, it was because I would see things, and wish I could capture it in way that I thought was beautiful or eye catching. After receiving my DSLR as a gift I had no idea that this picture taking was a two-fold skill. Not only do I have to have the ability to capture the picture correctly but I have to know how to edit. I found this WEBSITE and I am starting to learn step-by-step on how to edit pictures while navigating around photoshop. With this picture I outlined the frog, enhanced its features, than inverted the picture allowing me to edit everything but the frog, thus making a black and white background to the frog. Feel free to click on the picture of the frog to make it larger and see in greater detail the editing that was done.