Sunday, June 13, 2010


When I am learning something new (that I am interested in), I incur much anxiety to know all about this "something new." I must know all possibilities and options this something new has to offer me. After this is done I want know how to use is it to its optimal performance. I guess this is what you call perfectionism. This quality I dispose has been a double edge sword for me. While this quality has served positive purposes, aka, furthering my education and now my photography, it makes me high-strung while mastering my new skills. If my husband is reading this he is probably shaking his head. I will admit I was becoming a little pessimistic about my ability to grasp these intertwining concepts to produce a picture that is held in my imagination.While I have received many compliments, I had yet to really, I mean really wow myself.

So my husband and I ventured to Rock State Park and hiked up to this waterfall. First barrier, was I going to take the chance to walk on the few SLIPPERY rocks available to get the angle needed, with my equipment. Well, I made it across the rocks. So I am setting up for my shoot. During this time there had been a family to my right playing in the water. Soon as I get everything set up the family decides to play in the waterfall. Really? Well I will just take odd angled pictures that will not include the family. As I was taking my initial pictures I kept overexposing (too much light). So I am trying to remember my "exposure triangle" and thinking what needed to be adjusted. I did move to one more place for another angel. After sometime I was starting to become frustrated. Oh wait, the family is leaving. This was my last shot I took before I left (the first one).

Anywho, I wowed myself!!! This was a much needed picture for me. The rest of the pictures are of my husband and his other wife. Enjoy!!! (See perfectionism pays off!)