Monday, March 22, 2010

Ashes to Embers Debut

I encountered a few issues when trying to shoot my husband's band's debut show. First was trying to use the right settings. With the band in constant movement you can not have a long shutter speed or too small of an aperture. With this being said there is little light or flashing lights from the stage that allow you to capture the picture. The next option is to up your ISO which than creates a non-clear picture that can be hard to fix when editing. So, here I was with having to use a flash but that can over expose the picture. It really is all about getting that "just right setting." Next problem is I wanted to watch the band perform and cheer them on. It really is hard to enjoy the show while trying to get that "just right picture." 

Monday, March 8, 2010

Photos at Random

These are a group of photos I have been meaning to post that I have taken at random. I don't think I have been doing that well on my "to do" list of the pictures I would like to capture this year. Is it ok I use school as an excuse right now? I feel guilty when spending time on my photography and not writing, reading or researching. I know, I know, I should not do that. So, here I am making a post, aka not spending time on school.